Saturday, February 27, 2010

In Good Company

Pinch me, I think I'm dreaming...

I really wanted that glass cupboard and all the vintage linens inside.  

Don't you love how you can use your old sewing patterns to make flowers?!

All of these lovelies just tempting me to give them a good home...

Those lockers sure would've held all my crafts so nice and neatly.

And look how many books you can pile on that ole' desk!

I could have room for some of these buttons....

Were those boots REALLY made for walkin?

Not sure how I could fit that metal armoire in my Jetta.  

They really are some mighty FINE doors.

I was lucky enough to have enjoyed good company, sip lots of wine, and mingle for hours looking at antiques yesterday in Fredericksburg.  

I'm already having withdrawals.  

Make some memories you'll dream about this weekend!


nat said...

gorgeous photos! i'm so happy you wandered over to my blog!!

I LOVE your blog... Can't wait to read through your archives!

nat said...

p.s. LOVE your "about me" section! i feel the same way! i too am a wanderer:)

Vintage Simple said...

Oh, I see... Maybe I should have scrolled down a bit more to answer my own question...

This place looks beautiful and I would want to take it all home with me, too. I guess that's another advantage of living in a small place, no? Thanks for your thoughtful comment over there, by the way... I really appreciated it.