Sunday, February 28, 2010

365 Project

When a teacher spoke the words, "Project, due in two weeks, AND you will be sharing it with the class." I would cringe.

Well those days are over.

I've found the coolest site to share photos and I'm loving it!

Day 1/365:  A Fresh Start

Granted some of you may have already heard of it and kudos for rockin' it like that.  

Guess I'm a sort of a late bloomer...  

So if you haven't heard the word and are crazy about perfecting your awesomeness into the awesome-EST photos I'm pleased to introduce the:

As you've probably guessed (because you are so smart like that), you take one photo for each day of the year.  It is a visual journal of your life for 365 days.

You can tweak it, mangle it, or do nothing to the original photo and then upload the awesomeness and watch the party begin.

Day 2/365:  Outsider

I've only been on it for a couple of days and have had great feedback so far.  

The photographers there genuinely are interested in challenging themselves to take a better shot, try a new angle, or play with a new texture and showcase their treasure for the whole group to witness.

Oh, did I mention the 365 Project is FREE!

Day 3/365:  When Darkness Falls

So I challenge you to inspire me and countless others with a visual journey of your next 365 days.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

"Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging."

~ Joseph Campbell


the vintage wren said...

What a great thing to be part of, I think I'll have to give it a try aren't the only late bloomer { *wink }. Thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll. Have a great day. xoxo Carrie

Vintage Simple said...

So glad you found this..! I can't quite commit to it because a) I don;t consider myself a photographer, and b) I'd feel awful if I missed a day... BUT. I'm definitely excited for you... And these aren't all in your neighborhood, right?? Because if the are, you live in the coolest, most eclectic place on earth! :)