Monday, December 27, 2010

if only in a dream

from top left:  Byron {Amber Alexander}, Pamela in the Woods {Heather Future}, There's Amnesia in Her Kiss {Margaret Meyer}, I'll Travel With You {Theater Clouds},
Little Wings {Janet Hill Studio}, All The Little Ponies {Kiki & Polly}, A Winter's Ride {The Black Apple}, He Says He Can Hear the Forest Whisper {Hide n Seek}

hoping your holiday was filled with many whimsical delights.

ours was simple, but lovely.

daydreams on my mind today.

wishing I could rearrange furniture...

happy monday!

Friday, December 24, 2010

tap tap tap

it's raining today.

the birds are singing.

playing in the rain.

my  husband is asleep next to me on the sofa.

hot cocoa.

warm blankets.


wishing you all a very merry christmas.

Friday, December 17, 2010

pretty sweet

all images courtesy Nikole Herriott

*drooling* over this cookie cutter.

I think my cookies would be so happy as little, fluffy clouds.

don't you think you need a cookie cloud?

Well today is a good day.

Herriott Grace will be updating their shop today.

and I am crossing my fingers,

that I may get one of these little lovelies for my very own.

pretty sweet if you ask me.  :)

sending lots of sweetness to you this weekend.

I Love Pretty Little Things

Monday, December 13, 2010

warm heart

my fingers are cold.

my mittens, out of reach.

so to warm my spirits,

snuggle worthy lovelies.

I think I'm feeling warmer already.

from top left:  Rainy Days Flower Coffee Cozy{Wayside Violet}, Charcoal Grey Scarf {Mojo Spa Style}, Slate Blue Mittens {Dobbin Mews},
Chocolate Plaid Eco Toes {Infusion}, Westerly Dog Trench {Rover}, Cafe Polaroid Print {Amanda Gilligan Photography}, Wrightwood Hat {HalPal},
Linnea Fireside Candle {Terrain}

I had a driving date yesterday.

my darling, sweet hubby took me out on a drive-about.

to look at yummy historic homes around town.

he got me one of my favorite breakfast tacos from Taco Deli.

and indulged my coffee craving with a peppermint mocha from Jo's.

I think I was floating around on cloud 9 for at least half the day.


in other news...

stitches come out today.

my arms are getting buff from crutches.


warm wishes and toasty toes this monday!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

just another thursday

sitting here on the couch.

wishing I could fall asleep.

listening to the hum (or more like roar) of my ice pack machine for my knee.

wondering how physical therapy will go this afternoon.

hoping it won't hurt too much...

not looking forward to going up and down the stairs again.

kind of hungry.

finding all sorts of goodies online.

wanna see?

Set of 4 Have A Seat Pedestal Stands {Isabella Designs}, Modern Hostess Apron {J 'Cass Design}
I'm loving anything with furniture on it these days, from art, to ceramics, to wallpaper...

oh, and who wouldn't want an apron that can also hold your cell phone?

2011 Astrology Wall Calendar {Prismatic}, Holga Camera Coasters {Girls Can Tell}, Happy Bike Couple Lamps {Czechpub}
ahhh the stars will align for you daily with that calendar...

so I'm sure you know by now I'm a camera geek - felt coasters with a camera print, loving it!

I saw this pair of lamps and thought of my sister and her boyfriend who love riding.


hoping your thursday is full of good finds.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

1002 Shelley Ave

located in a quintessential neighborhood.

filled with gorgeous historic homes.

a park right around the corner.

a perfect place where old charm meets a fresh outlook.

now if only ms. shelley ave was in my budget.  :)

all photos courtesy Austin Home Search

2 Bed/ 1 Bath
plus 1 Bed/ 1 Bath Garage Apt
1,796 sq ft
Built in 1907
Listed at $599,000.


there is something about the morning light.

it's soothing.




I woke up this morning, bright and early,

(a daily routine these days since I'm on Josh's schedule)

and just sat on the sofa as the early morning light filled the room.

it really was beautiful.

is there a time of day you find to be the most inspiring to you?

Monday, December 6, 2010

wishful thinking

sorry I've been absent for so long.

recovering from surgery has been harder than I thought.

I haven't been able to take pictures...


a proper bath....

the hubby even had to wash my hair in the kitchen sink.


while trying to distract myself from the not so fun things going on right now.

I found a few little lovelies you might want to add to your wish lists this year.

what are some fun ideas you've come up with this year for your wish list?

hope your Monday treats you right.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

hi friend

Sorry, no home tours today.

I'm off having surgery (no fun)

But, I do have something fun planned while I'm away.

I really love going through old photos.

So I thought I would share some of my memories.

As well as answer a get to know you questionnaire that I got through my friend,

 Cassie, from A Serenade For Solitude.

She recently awarded me a token of friendship.

So I wanted to thank you, Cassie, for such a lovely gesture.

And share with everyone my responses to the questions she asked.

on my way to pre-school

my mom made this costume and I won first prize!

my first art show

my best ballerina move

1.  What did you first want to be when you grew up?

A veterinarian.  Loved animals, still do, just can't deal with looking at their insides.  I have freshman year biology to thank for that one - I made my lab partner do all the dirty work for dissections.  ugh.

spying on the neighbors

we look innocent...

had to post this one for that sofa... wow!

2.  Favorite childhood game?

Hmmm...  my younger siblings and I liked to play pretend adventures.  We would pretend we were in the jungle outside and have to go through all of these obstacles to get through it (like crawl on your belly under the swings, climb the monkey bars, go around the trees).  Oh but this one time we took our cabbage patch play house, moved it to the bedroom, and decided it was in the middle of the swamp...  To create the swamp - we poured buckets of water all over the bedroom carpet, completely soaked it.  Guess we should have "pretended" a little more and not try to make it so authentic...

loved that outfit too!

you can see my cake towards the back of the table.

3.  Most favorite Birthday?

One that stands out the most was in Elementary School - A My Little Pony Party.  I remember my dad and godmother working so hard the night before on my birthday cake that they decorated.  The pin the tail on the pony (that I sooo cheated on with my "blindfold").  All of my friends came and I just remember having so much fun.

4.  Something you've always wanted to do but haven't done yet?

Just like Cassie, I would love to take a creative course/ retreat.  One that I've been drooling over lately will actually be held in the Pacific Northwest.  They are called Be Present Retreats and you can find them here.
It all just sounds wonderful to me.

got these from the book fair!!

5.  What was your first love?

Reading.  I LOVED going with my grandfather to the bookstore.  He would always buy me a book and I'd read it that night.  One of my best friends (who is a couple of years older than me) would let me borrow her books too.  I remember sitting in my bed with a 600 page book, just devouring it.  

6.  First musical idol?

Vanessa Williams, Save the best for last... ohhh that was my favorite.  I remember running to get the tape recorder when I heard it on the radio just so I could record it to play over and over and over again.

the first rose Josh gave me.

after a work holiday party.

right after he proposed, yosemite nation park.

7.  Favorite gift?

I remember my husband, back when we were first dating.  I worked at a bank and he was still in college.  One afternoon he left a single rose with a note on my windshield with a sweet little note to be dressed and ready for a date night and he would pick me up at a certain time.  It was a tiny gesture, but it will always be my favorite.

8.  If a theme song played for you everywhere you went, what would it be?

Jeez, my mind just went blank... hahaha more often than not I listen to classical music.
Vivaldi is one of my favorites, so anything by him.

Mendocino, CA

9.  Favorite city to visit?

So I have several because I can't choose just one:

Mendocino, CA
Portland, OR
Hood River, OR
Seattle, WA
Asheville, NC

10.  Just a few more pictures just for fun.


Hope you all had fun!  

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow after surviving surgery.