Wednesday, August 3, 2011

moving forward

all good things must end...  or at least start fresh with a clean slate.

I'm moving on to another blog.  

It will be filled with new photo adventures & Austin home tours just like my Daily Cupcake plus who knows what other lovelies I will add.


I need to start over.

So please, if you don't mind forgiving my long absence.  

Won't you join me at my new blog?

hope to see you soon!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

almost normal

{smiles, a star, and #1 student...  all written on my leg by my physical therapists during a monthly evaluation}

so it has been a while.

and of course, on a day when I'm wanting to take a photo, Josh has taken the digital camera to work.


I decided I would share a photo from earlier on this month.

just provide a little update on what is going on these days.


my scars are fading slowly,

the pain and stiffness is still there, but nothing like before.

I can bend my knee to pretty much what my other knee can do.


one could almost say I walk "normal" most of the time.

I have to say, physical therapy has been really good for me.

besides the obvious, I've been inspired.


to get in better shape/ health/ weight.

all of it.

I'm finally doing it.

and it feels fabulous.


so I hope you can forgive me from being absent here.

I've just been rather focused these days and I spend less time in blog world.

I hope that life is treating you right.

and don't be surprised when I randomly stop by and say hi.


until next time...


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3820 Avenue F

all images courtesy Austin Home Search

designed in 1934 by a swiss woodcarver for his daughter.

talk about the ultimate gift from your dad.

drooling over all the details.

listed at $550,000.


happy tuesday!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

little frills

linen & lace

new dresses

a friend's wedding

guacamole with smoked gouda cheese

putting off doing the dishes & taking random photos instead

vacation planning

yoga pants

dinner plans with my family

cheering on a friend participating in a half marathon

the kind of muscle soreness that you know you've worked it goooood


A Serenade For Solitude

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1810 Frazier

tons of quirky fun found throughout this home.

love all the architectural features


that yummy ole stove.

sure it needs some love...

but this home could be fabulous!

located in South Austin.

asking $435,000.

view the home tour

{all images courtesy Austin Home Search}


have a fabulous day!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

loved by the sun

sunday was laced in sunshine.

monday blanketed with clouds.

not really complaining.

just saying.

been having a difficult time getting inspired to take photos again.

and keep up with this blog.

always a work in progress I guess.


I think I just need a good kick in the pants.

I'll be back tomorrow.

with a long overdue home tour!

been missing those...

until then,

happy monday!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

little bit of love

feeling moments of "normal" again

my sister coming to visit for a gal's weekend

remembering how he proposed

puppy kisses

sharing dinner recipes

getting rid of "the beast" (CPM machine)

a clean house!


hmmm...  I don't think my house has been this clean since right before surgery, the first time.

it feels so good.

another chilly day - I can barely feel my toes!

must retreat to the covers.

my mother in law is having knee surgery today.

we will all be praying for her.


hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

A Serenade For Solitude

Thursday, February 3, 2011

little things

Noah's toy left in the kitchen after an early morning puppy fit.  Since it is so cold, he hasn't gone on many walks this week and is definitely going a bit stir crazy.

long sleeve shirts with thumb holes

down blankets

actually, down anything at the moment to keep me warm

josh writing the date on the to go box at the pizza shop, then drawing slices of pizza on the box

home made stew and cornbread

exercising in the pool

a sweet call from a friend I don't talk to as often as I would like

did  I mention down blankets...


so sorry once again for my absence this week.

spending 6-8 hours on my knee CPM machine takes up most of my free time.

I'm starting a workout routine at the gym to help bring the rest of my strength back as well.

physical therapy every day really does seem to be helping my knee...  even if the progress is a little slow.

it is still progress.


A Serenade For Solitude

hope you all are staying warm wherever you may be.

Friday, January 28, 2011

sun kissed

the last few days have been beautiful.

sun kissed skies.

cool, crisp air.

oh so refreshing.


have a lovely weekend.

I Love Pretty Little Things

Thursday, January 27, 2011

little things

one of the heart shaped rocks I found while hiking to waterfalls in Washington

the fuzzy lining on the inside of my house slippers - oh so warm.

the way he loves to snuggle first thing in the morning.

both cat and dog sleeping peacefully next to me while my knee goes up and down  in my CPM machine.

sounds of the birds chirping & playing outside.

puppy fits that occur way to early in the morning.

crunchy toast with sweet red raspberry jam from a favorite place in Oregon.

the color of the morning light filtering in through the shades.

sweet gestures - my physical therapist noticing my shoelace was untied, & then tying it for me.

sending snail mail to my grandparents.


thank  you, Cassie, for inspiring "Little Things"

you have definitely made me stop and appreciate those moments that can be so fleeting yet mean so much.

you can visit Cassie at her lovely blog & join in on "Little Things Series" at,


happy thursday!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

one sweet day

from top left:  Little Box of Valentines Cookies {Whimsy & Spice}, Happy Valentines Day Gift {Tortoise Loves Donkey},
Sweet As Pie Notebook 3 Pack {The Black Apple}, Enamored Pencil Set {Paper Pastries}, Love Languages Tote {The Bucktoothed Bunny},
Miniature Custom Heart {Miniature Rhino}

just a little sweetness to brighten your day.

happy tuesday!