Monday, December 13, 2010

warm heart

my fingers are cold.

my mittens, out of reach.

so to warm my spirits,

snuggle worthy lovelies.

I think I'm feeling warmer already.

from top left:  Rainy Days Flower Coffee Cozy{Wayside Violet}, Charcoal Grey Scarf {Mojo Spa Style}, Slate Blue Mittens {Dobbin Mews},
Chocolate Plaid Eco Toes {Infusion}, Westerly Dog Trench {Rover}, Cafe Polaroid Print {Amanda Gilligan Photography}, Wrightwood Hat {HalPal},
Linnea Fireside Candle {Terrain}

I had a driving date yesterday.

my darling, sweet hubby took me out on a drive-about.

to look at yummy historic homes around town.

he got me one of my favorite breakfast tacos from Taco Deli.

and indulged my coffee craving with a peppermint mocha from Jo's.

I think I was floating around on cloud 9 for at least half the day.


in other news...

stitches come out today.

my arms are getting buff from crutches.


warm wishes and toasty toes this monday!


Bren said...

sounds like a little piece of heaven to me too. Bless that sweet man of yours. crutches, now there's a new way to get well defined arms :-) LOL

PhotoPuddle said...

I love all these snuggly cozy photos!

Anonymous said...

Love the dog in the jacket. I want one for Marley. Too cute. :)

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Great news about your stitches coming out! I am sure that you just want to feel "Normal" at this point. You're almost there. :)

What a fun morning with your hubby. When a husband does things that they know we love, even if it is not their most favorite activity, it just warms my heart!

Christina said...

hope you are getting on well.