Thursday, December 9, 2010

just another thursday

sitting here on the couch.

wishing I could fall asleep.

listening to the hum (or more like roar) of my ice pack machine for my knee.

wondering how physical therapy will go this afternoon.

hoping it won't hurt too much...

not looking forward to going up and down the stairs again.

kind of hungry.

finding all sorts of goodies online.

wanna see?

Set of 4 Have A Seat Pedestal Stands {Isabella Designs}, Modern Hostess Apron {J 'Cass Design}
I'm loving anything with furniture on it these days, from art, to ceramics, to wallpaper...

oh, and who wouldn't want an apron that can also hold your cell phone?

2011 Astrology Wall Calendar {Prismatic}, Holga Camera Coasters {Girls Can Tell}, Happy Bike Couple Lamps {Czechpub}
ahhh the stars will align for you daily with that calendar...

so I'm sure you know by now I'm a camera geek - felt coasters with a camera print, loving it!

I saw this pair of lamps and thought of my sister and her boyfriend who love riding.


hoping your thursday is full of good finds.


erin said...

be happy that you have the internet to keep you busy...i learned to blog while recovering from foot surgery 2 years ago. sending healing vibes your way, sweety. soon, this will all be a blurrrrrrr.......

Bren said...

Hope your healing well and not overwhelmed with the pain of it all. Enjoying your posts as you get through this very immobile time :-)

Christina said...

i am thinking of you, sweet friend.
i love to see what you have found on line ; )
feel better soon.