Monday, December 27, 2010

if only in a dream

from top left:  Byron {Amber Alexander}, Pamela in the Woods {Heather Future}, There's Amnesia in Her Kiss {Margaret Meyer}, I'll Travel With You {Theater Clouds},
Little Wings {Janet Hill Studio}, All The Little Ponies {Kiki & Polly}, A Winter's Ride {The Black Apple}, He Says He Can Hear the Forest Whisper {Hide n Seek}

hoping your holiday was filled with many whimsical delights.

ours was simple, but lovely.

daydreams on my mind today.

wishing I could rearrange furniture...

happy monday!


Anonymous said...

Pretty, I like the girl in the yellow dress with the butterflies around her.

Lara said...

hey bonny! beautiful collection! i do hope you are on your feet soon! :) i'm out of those items you asked about. i'm so sorry. if you ever see anything else i'll be happy to hold them for you till you can get down or ship. have a wonderful new year's weekend!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

I love your prints very nice! I too am ready to rip my house apart and start over.Woo~hoo! Happy New Year~Cheers Kim

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

These are so Whimsical and Beautiful! I love Pamela in the Woods. (I'm a knitter) Anyway, I LOVE all of them!!!
I am glad that you had a happy holiday. I hope that you have a bright and wonderful upcoming year.

nat said...

hi bonnie! just wanted to drop by and give you some blog love.

hope you enjoyed the holidays!


myletterstoemily said...

unfortunately, furniture is never
rearranged by day dream. :)

i'm happy you had a lovely holiday.


A Serenade for Solitude said...

I just love those yellow shots, and the sailboat one, too.

Thinking of you and your sweet blog tonight. Hope you are well and are enjoying the New Year. xx