Tuesday, December 7, 2010

1002 Shelley Ave

located in a quintessential neighborhood.

filled with gorgeous historic homes.

a park right around the corner.

a perfect place where old charm meets a fresh outlook.

now if only ms. shelley ave was in my budget.  :)

all photos courtesy Austin Home Search

2 Bed/ 1 Bath
plus 1 Bed/ 1 Bath Garage Apt
1,796 sq ft
Built in 1907
Listed at $599,000.


there is something about the morning light.

it's soothing.




I woke up this morning, bright and early,

(a daily routine these days since I'm on Josh's schedule)

and just sat on the sofa as the early morning light filled the room.

it really was beautiful.

is there a time of day you find to be the most inspiring to you?


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I want that stove!

Bren said...

Oh I'm loving this place, the floors and wood are wonderful, loving that front porch too :-)

Bonnie I'm honoured and humbled by your request, feel free to use what you need.

Your Little Sweet Pea said...

Yet another find :) I love looking at the houses you find :)

Hope you are doing a bit better!

Stuart said...

Hey Bonnie,
Great work on the blog. I found this searching for 1002 Shelley because I just bought this house. Since you have an eye for things beautiful I thought I'd ask if you have any thoughts on a new exterior paint color for the house? Let me know what you think and hope all is well.