Tuesday, September 21, 2010


it's about rest.
being lazy.
and enjoying the fact that
it's really OK if you do
and so for at least an hour or so each day.
that's what I did.
well... except I took pictures of the rooms while doing nothing..

meet Ace Hotel, Pearl District, Portland style.
sure you get a view of a brick wall...
but hey... natural light, big bonus.
check out the cool sliding window cover and book page wallpaper.
plus did I mention the price for location aspect?
cheap rent + awesome downtown vibe = what more could you ask for?

well besides a room with a view... oh and a private bathroom.
(forgot that little part - shared facilities, European style if you want to sound fancy)
been to this hotel three times though, and love it each time.

now after "roughing it" in Portland, you gotta swank it up a bit in Hood River.
hmmm swanky and hood don't really go together do they?

enter Seven Oaks Bed and Breakfast.
mmmm breakfast.
it's the most important meal of the day.
and boy do the inn keepers know how to make it important.
almost everything is sourced from their gardens -
and when the chickens decide to lay eggs.
lucky for us they laid enough for us to have fresh eggs our first morning.

let me just say now, I ADORE this place.
this is the second time I've been there and I'm ready to go back again.

so after enjoying three nights of private bathroom bliss.
it was back to doing it European style.
*hmmm that sounds well... hmmm*

we were on vacation after all....


enter Ace Hotel, Seattle style.

this room had a great window for watching people,
rain falling under street lamps at night,
 and gorgeous daytime natural light.
oh, and a prime view of the more 'colorful' crowd in the early a.m.
(we woke up one morning to find a guy with a blood soaked towel around his neck getting yelled at by this other guy that kept pushing him around)

did I mention cheap rent and trendy local...
oh and we were on the second floor so no worries about anybody bothering us while watching them....

really, though, I did love Seattle.  
apparently I even look local...
I was asked twice for directions while we were there.
fair skin and lack of color over all - wardrobe speaking.
I like grey.

*I'm totally stealing this idea for my bathroom mirror*
(hahaha makes you feel pretty even after 8 hours of driving around)

Have a great day!!!


Bren said...

okay that was a fun trip, enjoyed every photo and story told!

nat said...

once again, awesome pics! i'm loving that old truck in the old barn:)

And that "you are beautiful" mirror idea is genius!!

p.s thanks for your sweet comments about my living room!

Yellow House said...

Your photos are lovely! I am going to remember that hotel next time we are in Portland. :) More trip photos, tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Glad ya'll had fun on your trip. Was that the same brick wall that we had a view of? Love the mirror quote, you should put that on you mirror. LC

Your Little Sweet Pea said...

looks relaxing! Glad y'all had fun!!