Monday, September 20, 2010

afternoon in the park

as I sit here enjoying the grey skies, listening to the rain drops pitter patter against the roof
and watch the wind scatter fall leaves down the alley.
I can't help but think we brought a little bit of Seattle back home with us.

we had a fabulous trip.
sublime waterfalls and hidden trails.
a LOT of walking around each town we visited.
several excursions to gorgeous neighborhoods I'm so thrilled to share with you.
PLUS, I've even found some of the homes for sale on the internet so we can take virtual tours of these lovelies.

for now, though...
it's laundry and grocery time.
plus I have been battling a cold since last Tuesday
(no worries, I didn't let it stop me from having a good time)

Also looking forward to catching up to each of your blogs.

Until then, enjoy a day at the park in Hood River, OR.
We spent several afternoons here...

talk to you soon!


Bren said...

fun shots, love that 3rd one, the wonky angle really grabs the views attention, the colour is wonderful too

nat said...

great shots! love the last one!

glad you had a great trip, despite your cold!

xo, nat