Thursday, September 2, 2010

planning ahead or wishful thinking

local costume shop located on south congress.

shot taken with my diana camera (you can see light leaked through on part of the film).

anybody thinking about Halloween costumes yet?

or is it just me...

and I typically don't dress up,


halloween means cooler weather.

and I'm all for that!!


Bren said...

This is a great shot including the splash of light, and yeah for cooler weather!

Lisa Leonard said...

your blog is so warm and fun! loooove it! xo

Celeste said...

what a lovely shot- i love how dianas turn out :)

Teresa said...

Hey Sweet Girl!
Love your lovely blog!
Popped over per Lisa's TWEET!
Delighted to meet you!

nat said...

fun shot! can't wait for halloween and fall weather!