Friday, September 24, 2010

heart + waterfalls

close your eyes.

imagine for one moment.

you are sitting at the base of a waterfall.

the sound.

pounding water against the rocks below.

the feeling.

ice cold glacier mist against your skin.

the smell.

fresh and earthy.

the sight.


we hiked to each of these waterfalls while on our trip.

some were in Oregon, some Washington.

oh and that cupcake traveled from Portland just have it's debut 
next to our first waterfall of the trip.

{if you click on the collage it will get larger so you can see more of the details in each image}

Happy Friday Pretties!!


Bren said...

It so much fun going along with you on your adventures and enjoying the things you capture with your camera. Thanks for sharing your wanderings with us!

Rosie said...

That is one well~traveled cupcake...looks like she had a wonderful time...still smilin' Rosie