Tuesday, July 27, 2010

sing me something sweet

"Pour some sugar on me"

That song comes to mind when I think back on all of the sweets we indulged in.

Too many... 

There was chocolate cheesecake too, but the camera never even got to see it...

and of course we found the local cupcake shop

We were good though, and split ONE strawberry cupcake three ways.

(had to make up for eating the whole slice of cheesecake, pralines, cookies, beignets, chips and dip...)

Guess I should start singing a new tune.

maybe something along the lines of ...

"Come on, shake your body baby, do the conga"

Hope your day is a sweet one!

Also, today is my brother's birthday so just wanted to send some sweetness his way too.

Happy Birthday Kenny!!!


Indie.Tea said...

Ah well, if I had cheesecake, my camera might never see it either, but my stomach sure would!
Beautiful photographs, as always :)

rebekka said...

Ah!!! I love this! We just got back from New Orleans ourselves and ate lots and lotsssssssss of sugar too. It's such a magical place to me...

I was VERY impressed with the Kupcake Factory. I work in a cupcake bakery so I'm not easily impressed. I don't know if you tried the lemon or just took pictures of it, but it was absolutely heavenly...the icing was mellow and buttery and amazing.

I love your blog, btw!


Bren said...

great shots, loved your commentary on all that sweetness :-)

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot about the cupcake. Oh, it was sooooo good. I want more beignets! I can't stop thinking about them. LC