Thursday, July 1, 2010

4313 Ave C

Meet the newest member of my obsession club.

A 1923 Craftsman Bungalow.
Enter the Living Room.
Notice the light fixture and unpainted wood trim (not always easy to find these days)
Dine in style with another original light fixture.
I wonder if there used to be a built in hutch in here at one point?
They seem to have a bit too much furniture in here.
Personally, I like the less is more approach.
Especially in a small space.
Now the kitchen has a decent enough layout, but the cabinets and tile...
Just really not doing much for me.
I love the ceiling though.
I'd just have to fix this up to my taste.

Extra bonus space.
In a small two bed/ one bath home, I'll take any extra space I can get.  
The total sq. ft. is 1,137.
Both bedrooms are plenty big enough for us.
*Love* that paneled door and natural light.
I'd spruce up the bathroom a bit, 
but it has a nice, fresh feeling to it.

Josh hates mowing, so this yard would be perfect for him.

And a little extra storage space never hurt anybody.

{all images courtesy of Austin Home Search}

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

This little charmer is a little closer to our price range...
BUT the Mr. isn't quite ready to commit.
Even with our A/C out...
Thankfully, our nice landlord is having someone over today to hopefully fix it.
Feels like a sauna over here.

Stay cool and I'll see you all tomorrow for Friday Pretties!


Anonymous said...

The house is great. I love the wood trim on the windows.

That sucks that your A/C is out. Hopefully your handyman is better than the one who came out to my place 2 years ago. LC

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Lots of simple charm!
I hope that your A/C is fixed soon. The humidity can do you in...

See you tomorrow at Friday Pretties!!!

Elizabeth said...

We lived in a 1920's 2 bedroom craftsmen Bungalow that was 912 square feet. It was small but cozy.
I loved that it still had the built in cabinets.
Love the charm! Hope your air gifts fixed soon!!!

Rocketgirl said...

omg! that house is the cutest! it is so fabulously vintagey feeling! i love it! i want you to have it! :)

Yellow House said...

I think you should make an offer! What a great little place. I love love love that they didn't paint the trim. I also think you could have a lot of fun fixing up that kitchen!

Indie.Tea said...

How charming! If I ever buy an actual house (instead of a townhouse or something in San Francisco....) it would definitely be a Craftman...those are my dream houses too!
Your blog is adorable, and I think I will enjoying following it.

Frances said...

Bonnie, I loved the tour. It must be torture for you to discover such a charming place and not be able to get the hubby on board. I can just see all the cozy little touches you would add. One day, your dreams WILL come true ...

Hugs .....

koralee said...

Oh I love this sweet home!!! So adorable in everyway.

Hope you got your A/C working...I will send you down some of our rain. xoxoxo See you for Friday Pretties.

Your Little Sweet Pea said...

Cute, but it does need a touch of Bonnie to it! Looks like it's well kept and a lot of original charm! Maybe Josh will think it's a winner since there is very little grass!! :)