Friday, July 9, 2010

light and bright

Welcome to the Cupcake Cottage.

Summer 2010 style.

Do you ever change your decor out for the seasons?

Or get the urge just to move stuff around for a change?

Well it hit me when I looked at my living room and just thought... 

b l a h

So I switched out the chocolate brown curtains for white ones.


 like a breath of fresh air,

everything felt better.

BUT, of course I couldn't stop there...

Threw a simple white slipcover over our wingback chair (which needs to be reupholstered).

For a touch of whimsy, I added a vintage feed sack to the back of the wingback chair.

Found it from a cute little etsy shop, Myra Melinda.

Just tucked the little darling in real snug and tight.

Added a bunch of light neutral pillows.

Because I looove pillows.

*clearance sales at Pottery Barn are wonderful*

Finally got around to framing some of my photos.

I arranged them with a cupcake photo I found at a lovely photography shop, Under A Blue Sky

and quote notes purchased from The Lettered Cottage.

One quote simply says "smile

because it never hurts to remind yourself to smile everyday.

and the other just makes me feel warm and cozy all over...

" A good laugh is like sunshine in the house. "
~ Thackeray

A white cotton table cloth drapes over the sofa so I don't have to worry about dirty paws and such.

Plus I like how it just adds to a more casual feel.

Found this little locker bin at my mom's favorite antique store and just had to get it for Noah's toys.

I always have fresh flowers in every room
 (which isn't hard to accomplish considering I have a 600 sq ft home).

My dad painted that little fish on a rock he found several years ago.

And I enjoy keeping pretty books displayed around the house for quick inspiration.

I purchased this burlap pillow from Pottery Barn (on sale of course)

and then hand painted one of my favorite words on it.

Oh soft, cushy pillows.

In case you were wondering.

The number three is my birthday number and part of Josh's.

Whenever you visit, you have a fresh pair of cozy slippers if your feet get cold.

♥ ♥ ♥

I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Definitely a pleasure showing you around.

I hope to paint my entry table as soon as the weather drys out.

Until then...

Enjoy some more pretty at Joyce's 

and have a fabulous weekend!


Indie.Tea said...

How lovely and fresh everything looks. I think its a good idea to change out your "accessories" to adapt to the season :)

erin said...

very pretty!! love the toy box for doggie :0)

Bren said...

Love all the wonderful touches you've added to your home, it's beautiful and inviting. and of course the pictures you took of your home are excellent as well :-)

koralee said...

I sooooo enjoyed my morning your sweet area. Yes..I am always switching up things around my home too..feels so GOOD!
Happy weekend sweet one. xoxoxo

Erin Wallace said...

Your room is lovely! so light and airy! Gives me some inspiration for what I can do with mine.

xo Erin

PhotoPuddle said...

Your room is so gorgeous!

And I must order that Year of Mornings book!

And I am gutted we don't have Pottery Barn here in the UK.

birdie blue said...

your living room is lovely! thanks for giving us a peek.


Laura PARING DOWN said...


I love the mirror in the first shot. Great texture and beautiful rich color.

The locker basket is quite the looker, too.

Happy Friday!

myletterstoemily said...

dear bonnie,

you have such an interior designer's
eye for lovely new looks. i really
admire that, because i don't!

but, i am a fast learner.

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Everything looks so fresh, pretty and clean. It makes me want to redo my whole house! I love all of the changes that you made. Pretty!

Thank you for playing Friday Pretties. I am so happy that you are here today!
Have a fun weekend,

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Your living room is amazing! I love it. You are definitely talented!

Rosie said...

Oh dear one, we were totally thinking the same thing to day, as new blinds went up in the bed room, bathroom, and living room...Ahhh...what a breath of FRESH air...does a girl good, to do a little "nestin' every once and a while...and your dear cottage is really quite charming...but you know I love all whites and neutrals...makes my heart on Rosie

You Are My Fave said...

There's nothing quite a great as a little room refresher. The white curtains look great.

nat said...

LOVELY!!! I love it all but my FAVE item has to be the burlap WANDER pillow! Ah. May. Zing!!!



Rosie said...


Your Little Sweet Pea said...

Love it! It feels very fresh and airy! See you soon!

Peppermint Patty said...

Just beautiful!!

I put sheets on our furniture for the summer (not as nice as yours, of course) to keep it cooler and keep dirt and dog hair at bay. :)