Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sweet Finds

Wishing I could go antique hunting.

So I thought up the next best thing.

Virtual vintage ventures.

(say that five times fast)

Feast your eyes on some yummy vintage goodness.

From top left:  Hand Stamped Ribbon (Seasonal Delights), Vintage Books (Sadie Olive)
Boho Gauze Dress (Lotus Vintage), Ampersand Recycled Felt Pillow (Alexandra Ferguson),
Treat Crate (Ingenuity On Display), Eco Toes (Infusion), 
Vintage Fan (Old Crow Farm), Vintage Coverlet Sachet (Designs Maya*Made),
Sunshine Antique Garden Marker (Monkeys Always Look),
Vintage Camera (Every Eskimo), Baby Shoes Print (Warm Whispers)

Happy Thursday!!

"Everything I buy is vintage and smells funny. Maybe that's why I don't have a boyfriend." 

 ~Lucy Liu


Frances said...

Oh Bonnie. I'm a long-time antique seeker. My sister and I have put many miles on our cars, hunting for treasures. How fun to be able to do that in the virtual world, too. Or should I say "How fun for YOU to do that for me?" I really, really love how you hunt down these wonderful things ... things I would never find on my own. I love, love, love the hand-stamped ribbon, the fan, and the sunshine garden marker! I love it all, but those are my favorites. Gotta say once again, too ... "love the quote"! And yes, I am enjoying the Blogging For Bliss book. I've only skimmed through it but hope to actually sit still long enough some day soon to actually read some of the chapters. I love the way the author has showcased so many blogs. I plan to check out most of them and I'm sure I'll be bookmarking a few. What an amazing world! Hugs to you on this sunshiny day .....

erin said...

loverly choices!! i love those baby shoes (and her blog).happy thursday to you tooooooo!!!!!!!!!weeeeeeeeee..... sorry, i've been inhaling paint today.

The Ruffled Nest said...

Very fun vintage finds!! Love the garden marker. A friend of mine just made me one it is adorable. She might have the instructions on her blog Sewn with grace. I would love to be able to make one myself.


Your Little Sweet Pea said...

Your turning me vintage...what am I going to do with you? :)

Letherton said...

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