Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Enfield Rd

While nibbling on some Honey Nut O's I was perusing through the local Real Estate listings

(sometimes this can become a daily ritual for me when the market is hot)

and found this charmer:

I love the arched doorway, dormer windows and all the yummy stone.  
Check out the punch of turquoise in this room!
Good sized dining room with access to both outside entertaining as well as the kitchen.  
Lovely little extra space for whatever tickles your fancy.
Does it look like this space could have once been used as the original dining room?

I adore butcher block counters! 
That light fixture is totally me and all the muted colors and light are so tranquil.
Plenty of storage without feeling too boxy.
Fine bedroom with sisal flooring... not sure I like the painted doors. 
Second bedroom has such whimsy.  I'm not sure if I would have carried the wallpaper onto the ceiling, but it would be a fun little girl's room.  LOVE the angled ceiling.  The more cozy the better!
Sucker for vintage tile and arch over the tub.  
I'm not crazy about the master bath, but it can be changed and the layout is workable.
(Tons more space than I have now!)
This is on my wish list for when we do buy a house.
Isn't it dreamy!
All the happy trees.  It really is a good sized backyard for central Austin.
If you feel like moving to Austin anytime soon, if you buy this one, can I please come over?!

It's only $649,000.  *cough*  

Don't tell my husband I was looking in this price range...

Happy Tuesday everyone!

{all images courtesy of www.austinhomesearch.com}

"Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts."

  ~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


dedeetsyshop said...

Loving that house! I especially love the first two pictures and that "litle extra" space!

Anonymous said...

Wow that house is awesome! How can you not like the painted doors, they are Grey. The backyard looks huge and you have to love an outdoor fireplace. LC

Your Little Sweet Pea said...

love it, LOVE it, LOVE IT!!!!! The front looks like a little castle! I'm not totally loving the painted doors either, the backyard is awesome! Bon, I can't wait until y'all capture your little piece of heaven with one of these "cottagey" homes!

erin said...

love, love the house! thanks for commenting at my blog...yes, youe comment came through and glad it did cause I too walk the dog at night and hope the drapes are open (when the dog was alive that is)......ha ha ha