Monday, January 24, 2011

softly, slowly

the sun slept today.

clouds and grey.

softly faded, just a little bit dazed.

time passes slowly.


just breathe.


Bren said...

love the dreamy feel of this series of pictures. the second shot love how you positioned the rose and the wonderful shadowed effect. the whole hazy effect of the third one, love it and then the next one again the layout position of the rose and chair, brilliant. Great shots all.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos!

Gloria said...

What a beautiful post! Love your photos!
Have a wonderful day!

xoxo Gloria

p.s. You have a new follower...:)

nat said...

beautiful work... as always!

thanks so much for stopping by and for the sweet birthday wishes!

as for project 365 - i started jan. 1... so far i have just been doing it on my own... not through any website. maybe i should get on there?! can you send me the link for the one you are using? it seems there is more than one website out there. email me when you have a chance...

thanks for the encouragement! hope your knee is feeling much better!!!! xo

A Serenade for Solitude said...

So, so lovely. The pictures of the roses are beautiful, and those knit slippers are SO cute!

Hope you are off to a good week!