Wednesday, January 19, 2011

bittersweet november

I took these shots with my little Diana camera back in November.

the flamingo photos were taken right before my knee gave out.

I remember the day started off a bit overcast.

You can see some of the leaves starting to turn yellow in the background.

Noah and I had just taken a walk and I noticed my neighbor had put turkey feathers on her flamingos.

This picture, I actually took right after my knee popped out.  

I had been trying to get the "season of thanks" sign in the frame...

shot right before we left for our walk.


so I go back to the surgery center tomorrow.

to have my knee manipulated.

{just means they will bend my knee all the way to break up all the scar tissue}

I'll be knocked out for the process and pretty loaded on pain killers afterwards.


hopefully after this procedure I'll be able to bend my knee normally again.


A little chilly in the house this morning, but the sun is out.

Hope to see you all Friday for Friday Pretties.


Bren said...

full of whimsy and fun, just love how these pictures turned out. May all go well with your knee tomorrow and your road to recovery speedy.

{the vintage wren} said...

Love these shots Bonnie, you are such a talented photographer. Sorry to hear about your knee, I hope all goes well, and you get better soon. Hugs-Carrie

Silver Strands said...

All nice pics - the dog picture is my favorite.

Gloria said...

Hi Bonnie,
I am visiting for Friday Pretties. I Love the scarves on the flamingos...:)

Sorry to hear about your knee. I hope all goes well for your surgery. Saying a prayer for you right now...:)

XOXO Gloria

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Love those whimsical images, but wish that you don't have to suffer this much, speedy recovery for your knee!