Thursday, January 27, 2011

little things

one of the heart shaped rocks I found while hiking to waterfalls in Washington

the fuzzy lining on the inside of my house slippers - oh so warm.

the way he loves to snuggle first thing in the morning.

both cat and dog sleeping peacefully next to me while my knee goes up and down  in my CPM machine.

sounds of the birds chirping & playing outside.

puppy fits that occur way to early in the morning.

crunchy toast with sweet red raspberry jam from a favorite place in Oregon.

the color of the morning light filtering in through the shades.

sweet gestures - my physical therapist noticing my shoelace was untied, & then tying it for me.

sending snail mail to my grandparents.


thank  you, Cassie, for inspiring "Little Things"

you have definitely made me stop and appreciate those moments that can be so fleeting yet mean so much.

you can visit Cassie at her lovely blog & join in on "Little Things Series" at,


happy thursday!


A Serenade for Solitude said...

What a lovely list, Bonnie. :) I love those randam acts of kindness from people we don't know that well--or strangers!

So very happy to hear from you this wonderful Thursday! Enjoy!

A Serenade for Solitude said...

P.S. that rock is way too cool. I think I'll be on the hunt for a heart rock until forever. :)

Bren said...

love the photo, the lighting is wonderful. And your list reminds me of all the little things that I love and enjoy. Thank you for the inspiration today