Thursday, April 15, 2010


There is a challenge this week over at the 365 project to focus on self portraits.

This was my first attempt.

So this is me...

I like to hide. I'm not much of a center stage type person. I'm one of those people that has their sleeves pulled down over their hands like a security blanket most of the time. I love my husband and my dog... on most days I love my cat too. :) My family means the world to me and always knows how to make me laugh. I adore cupcakes and chocolate. I work at a small family owned dog boutique store and have a degree in Interior Design. I *heart* all things that sparkle yet gravitate towards anything vintage and rusty. My favorite two movies of all time are The Never Ending Story and Legend. Buffy the Vampire Slayer kicks butt. 

Just giving you a peek into my world. :)

Enjoy your Thursday!!


Vintage Simple said...

You're such a sweetheart for sending that link my way!! I've often fantasized about moving to Austin - or at the very least visiting. It sounds like a fantastic town... And the house is adorable - just needs getting rid of the ugly tile countertops in the kitchen... The original cabinets are still there!!! (I just hyerventilated - sorry.)

And this peek into you? I loved it..! I read The Never Ending story two or three times as a kid (In Spanish!). It was one of the first "big" books that truly transported me - the book that started my true love for reading in many ways.

And you have an interior design degree..! Sigh. I wish I had one of those.

Anyway, dear, thanks again for the link. Loved learning a little more about you.


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi Bonnie, your self portrait is so lovely. Love the lightning and you hiding behind the tulips is the cutest idea. Great shot!
Hope your week is sunny and happy. XOXO

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

such a beautiful shot! you sure are a gorgeous gal! you certainly met the challenge. if there was a winner i'd so pick you.

Your Little Sweet Pea said...

Love the pic bon! And the soft colors are so pleasing to the eye. It looks like you are playing hide-n-go-seek! :)

Bossy Betty said...

SO pretty! Love the colors.

Anonymous said...

And here I was going to describe you as a bubbly person! Hehehe!!! I love the photo. LC

Ally said...

Self-portrait caught my eye. So beautiful! You, the colors, the pose, everything.