Thursday, February 24, 2011

little frills

linen & lace

new dresses

a friend's wedding

guacamole with smoked gouda cheese

putting off doing the dishes & taking random photos instead

vacation planning

yoga pants

dinner plans with my family

cheering on a friend participating in a half marathon

the kind of muscle soreness that you know you've worked it goooood


A Serenade For Solitude


Your Little Sweet Pea said...

pretty pretty. have fun! By the way...the fries TOTALLY hit the spot! :)

A Serenade for Solitude said...

I love your layered goodness! Linen and lace sounds so nice! I'm putting off cleaning, too, right now. I had a surge of energy earlier and accomplished a bunch of cleaning and packing, but now that the boys are gone, I am pooped. Almost outta here!

Enjoy yourself a happy weekend!

Take care, Cassie

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

All very, very good tinges!!!
Have a wonderful weekend,

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Sweet pretties you shared here.
I hope you're having a wonderful weekend :-)