Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spice Up Your Life

Image Courtesy of Custom Magnetic Spice Racks

Recently, Josh and I have been dabbling more into the world of spices. I made spice rubs for my dad for Father's day and got Josh a spice reference book for a gift on our anniversary. In conclusion, we have accumulated an array of spices that are overflowing our pantry basket. Last night I arrived home from work to be greeted by a not so happy husband and a jumble of spices in a basket. Apparently it took him way too long to find the spices he needed for his dinner. My poor darling. :) So I aim to please and love to organize and he gave me the perfect excuse to come up with a way to tidy up our spices.

After searching for an hour online for ideas and prices I've come up with a plan. Since we have limited counter space I've decided to buy magnetic spice tins and put them on the side of the fridge next to our pantry. There are tons of magnetic tins out there, but the price is not always pretty. Some I found were well over $100, ouch! So the best tin for your hard earned dollar is at Ikea and it comes in a three pack for only $5.oo. I'll still need about 12 packs, but it will only be $60... much better than $122 for the same amount of tins at other stores. The tins have clear lids so we can see the spices easily and I found the best little labels at Martha Stewart's website. You get as many labels as you want to print out on self adhesive paper for the fantastic price of free. Thanks, Martha!!

I'm motor-less today... poor auto is getting a new fan of sorts. I'm not really sure, Josh is taking care of it. So tomorrow I'll make a trip up North to Ikea to put my plan into action. I will post before and after photos to show you my progress soon.

Magnetic tins from Ikea

Martha Stewart Labels


Your Little Sweet Pea said...

Cool idea, me likey! It's fun, functional, and desgin savvy! :) Wall hanging spice containers that hang on the wall...what a concept (hehe) Maybe I'll do something like that when we move. I have a jumbled mess of spices in a basket and it's over flown into a drawer too. I always have a hard time finding the spice I need or I buy another one and end up with like 3 of the same spice. All that money I could be saving to buy cutie tootie clothes :)

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Amy! I'll let you know how it all turns out. :)