Friday, June 12, 2009

Enjoying the Breeze

Hiking further up the Skyline Trail at Mt. Rainier National Park

Noah and I went for our walk this morning! Day 2 of my work-out challenge a success. We walked a little further this time just for an added bonus. There was a nice breeze today to push away all the humidity that was left behind after the light show of a thunderstorm that attacked Austin last night. It sure was a crazy night. I got off of work, walked outside to the car and looked up... black filled the sky and then lightning ripped through the blackness. So what did I do? I got in my car and hauled bootie home... the storm on my tail the entire way. At one point I was driving into it... I have to tell you, what an adrenaline rush. Josh and I arrived at the parking garage near our house at the same time and then sprinted to our house down the alley before we got soaked - or hailed on. Thankfully we didn't get any hail, but the lightning was incredible.

So to add to my daily morning walk, I plan to also begin yoga sessions a few times a week. There is a website that offers a free weekly class online ( This website used to be free, but it's something to get started on until I find actual classes here in Austin that aren't too pricey. I won't begin this for another week or so, but it is just another goal I want to add to the challenge.

On a lazier note, Noah got his new bed yesterday and it is a great improvement over his old one. His old bed was the first one I ever got him from Petsmart. The inside stuffing had lumped and clumped and been melted by a dryer at one time (never let Josh dry anything again, hehe) and the cover with its navy colored letters and wrong tone of khaki just didn't go with our bedroom decor. I found his new bed online at an etsy store called Bow Wow Beds. It's just a simple stone canvas with Noah's name printed on it, but it complements our room nicely.

Miss Kitty on Noah's old bed

Doesn't he look so handsome on his new bed?!

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!!

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