Friday, April 24, 2009

Rain Dance

It has been threatening to rain all day... So far, I've only felt a few drops while on our walk. A few claps of thunder, some gusts of wind, and dark, ominous clouds but no rain. Now as I write this, the sun just came through for an instant. And now it is dark. I was reminiscing about our old house in Spring and thought it was appropriate to post these pictures. This is Noah's interpretation of a rain dance. I think this was the summer of 2007 when these photos were taken, but it was very similar to today. It had been dark and Noah and I didn't go for a walk for fear of getting stuck in a downpour, so we were playing in the back yard. These images were taken just as the first few drops started. All of a sudden, Noah got into this puppy frenzy mode and ran crazy laps around the yard. His rain dance worked, because that day it poured and the streets flooded.

Sometimes it is nice to look back on the fun times.

Hope you have a weekend worth looking back upon.

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