Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Bunny Visit

Cat Gift

Dog Gifts

The Easter Bunny is visiting our animals this year. Check out what will be waiting for them! The puppies will all get a glass, wire-bale jar filled with locally made, all natural biscuit goodness. While the kitties will be receiving two cans of super luxe Weruva brand cat food in two flavors. Each of these goodies were lovingly packaged by yours truly and all the treats were purchased at Dogadillo. I know, the pets in my family are rotten. Hope everyone has a very Happy Easter!!


Anonymous said...

Bandit and Smokey thank you for the gift. I haven't given it to them yet but Bandit enjoyed the tissue and ribbon. Hope you had a great Easter!

Amy said...

How cutie tootie! They look so yummy...uh oh uh oh, don't want to repeat that again.... :)

kari said...

Thanks from the boys! They L-O-V-E them! :)