Thursday, January 8, 2009

Laugh a little, it burns calories.

Two things happened today that I thought some of you might find entertaining.

There was a small puppy running by our front gate and Noah was barking as usual. The front door was open and Miss Kitty shot out of the house, straight towards the gate, barking Noah, and barking puppy. She got all puffed up and started growling. Well Noah was still barking and bouncing around wanting to play with the puppy and Miss Kitty had had enough. She attacked Noah and he backed away. She would not leave her post until the puppy left. Talk about attack cat.

I was doing my yoga routine in the living room when Noah decided to stretch out at the edge of my mat and take a nap. I took little notice of it and continued my journey through twisted stretches and confusing lingo when I heard a low howl. More low howls, a few whimpers and I looked up out of my trance to see Noah's tail wagging and his legs twitching to some crazy dream he was having. Apparently Noah was getting something from my yoga video as well... deep relaxation.

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