Saturday, January 3, 2009


Happy Birthday to me! The sun decided to come out today and it warmed up to around 80 degrees. Perfect weather for a lazy birthday. Josh treated me to breakfast in bed with tacos from Rudy's BBQ and birthday flowers. Then he washed my poor, dirty car (it took him almost two hours!) and he is making me dinner tonight on the grill. We are going to open one of our "good" bottles of wine from California and have a romantic evening. Awwwww.... who knew.

Since the weather was so out of season, we took an extra long walk through the park near our house. Noah got to say hi to some friends along the way and we enjoyed the breeze and sunshine. It has been pretty gloomy around here the past few weeks, so the sun was a nice welcomed change of pace. I think I even got a sunburn! hehehehe

Thanks to everyone that wished me a happy day. My brother sent me a message earlier telling me to enjoy my last year of being young. So sweet.

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