Thursday, March 24, 2011

almost normal

{smiles, a star, and #1 student...  all written on my leg by my physical therapists during a monthly evaluation}

so it has been a while.

and of course, on a day when I'm wanting to take a photo, Josh has taken the digital camera to work.


I decided I would share a photo from earlier on this month.

just provide a little update on what is going on these days.


my scars are fading slowly,

the pain and stiffness is still there, but nothing like before.

I can bend my knee to pretty much what my other knee can do.


one could almost say I walk "normal" most of the time.

I have to say, physical therapy has been really good for me.

besides the obvious, I've been inspired.


to get in better shape/ health/ weight.

all of it.

I'm finally doing it.

and it feels fabulous.


so I hope you can forgive me from being absent here.

I've just been rather focused these days and I spend less time in blog world.

I hope that life is treating you right.

and don't be surprised when I randomly stop by and say hi.


until next time...



Silver Strands said...

Hi Bonnie .. I wanted to tell you that there's an essential oil that helps get rid of scars. Helichrysum. It's worked for me.

Always nice to read your posts :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought you were never going to come back. Hehehe! Glad you are almost "normal" again. LC

Bren said...

glad to hear your mending well, those are some serious incisions to heal from. Enjoy your new motivated self and I look forward to updates

Cassie {A Serenade for Solitude} said...

So good to hear, Bonnie. Focus is good and brings the best rewards. xx, cbm

Chuck said...

Here's a test comment - though I see some people are able to post.