Monday, June 7, 2010

summer walks

Early in the morning.

Sometimes... ok lets be honest.

Most of the time, early morning is a foreign concept to me.

I would love to be a morning person but going to bed around 2 AM does not help that cause.

However, since the summer heat has set in,

it is time to become a morning person again.

And oh those morning summer walks...

Have you ever noticed, when you are up earlier, everything is more hushed and peaceful?

When I do get up earlier, I'm more productive.

And that early morning light...

The sun streaming in through the trees.

How everything looks more fresh and alive.


I want to be a morning person.

So I'm going to try.



Busy Working Mama said...

I'm a morning person :) It's a lovely time of the day!

PhotoPuddle said...

I'm a morning person trapped inside a night owl's body! I really can't go to bed early. Just too much interesting stuff to do in the evening. I'm not the best at getting out of bed in the morning but when I am up really early it's actually really refreshing and lovely.

Yellow House said...

Gorgeous photos! Love the aged, sunny look of all the homes.

erin said...

good, GOOD mornin to ya! :0)

Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox said...

gorgeous! I'm so not a morning person but I wish I was!

I've just given your blog an award! check it out here:

cheri said...

lovely photos. i'm more of a midmorning person, but it's always beautiful to look up and see a clear blue sky :)

Rosie said...

What a tender post...I too love the Early that is not quite the a young girl I was FORCED into it. Being raised on a Dairy farm {MANY, MANY chores} ...the up side, done early...and go riding in the first ray of sunshine, that peek through the early morning mist...wish I had the forethought to have taken a few snappies...but when your young, you live for the moment...great on Rosie

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Ha Ha - I can so relate to this post! I really want to be a "productive" morning person. I can wake up early, I just don't get moving very fast in the morning. I am a Morning Dragger. But, like you, I love the early morning quiet and that beautiful morning light!
You are my inspiration, I am going to try to be a better morning person too!
Have a great day,

alli/hooray said...

I'm the same way - I love to stay up late but it makes getting up early difficult (but the morning IS such a lovely time of day). Your photos are so pretty, and calming.