Monday, October 19, 2009

Feeling "Winey"

While enjoying a beautiful fall Sunday morning stroll Josh and I were talking vacation plans for next time. I know... we are awful, just got back from a vacation and already planning the next. He seems to think we went to too many wineries over our last trip and would like to scale down. On average... I think we hit about five to six wineries a day over a span of seven days. At each winery you usually taste at the very least four to six wines. You do the math and you'll probably agree with him. :)

At any rate, here are some wine-filled... or "lush" filled photos to take us back to vacation until the next one comes around.

"Always carry a corkscrew and the wine shall provide itself."

~Basil Bunting

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Anonymous said...

That is alot of wine! I love the photo of the big wooden door. I say on our vacation instead of wineries we hit chocolate shops! Five to six chocolate shops a day for seven days, I could handle that.